Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up for bookt?

        -The Bookt App services AGENCIES, and agency signed TALENT

What areas do you service?

        -We currently service the New York City area

My Agency is not listed. What can I do?

        -We are constantly updating and adding new agencies. If you do not see your agency listed during the sign up process, please contact us to have your agency added to our system

I created an account, where are my events?

        -Once the sign up process is complete your account must first be verified. This process takes 24 hours.

        -If this problem still persists, restart your phone and then reopen the Bookt.

Why isn’t my messaging working

        -It’s likely that your assigned agent(s) have not created an account with Bookt. Speak to your Agent about setting up our services.

Why are events no longer being added to my schedule?

        -Usually the result of an email password change, Simply log off and log back into Bookt to reauthorize our service.